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It won't come as a surprise that On Courage is a podcast about courage – a seemingly simple concept, but one that is rich, layered and pertinent to us all; no matter our backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

Yet do we understand what courage truly is and why it holds great importance? How have we been conditioned to visualise courage? How do we emanate it, maximise it, pass it on?

Eira Joy Aringay is on a mission to find out – to explore the depths of courage and interview people who have harnessed its power, finding success in their careers and fulfilment in their personal lives. The show especially reinforces the link between courage and creativity; how both are somewhat synonymous with each other.

This is a podcast on courage, about people who exemplify courage, for all those who need and desire to be a little more courageous each and every day.


Written & Narrated by Eira Joy Aringay
Edited by Ezra May Aringay

"Deep Ambient" by Coma-Media
"Uplifting Motivation" by Onoychenkomusic
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