Ep4 | On Creativity: A Monologue

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Our philosophy is one that views courage as synonymous with creativity.

In this episode, Eira Joy reflects on her early experiences with the arts and the impact they had on her life. Her love for music and movies was instilled in her from a young age, where she was nurtured to pursue her creative dreams by her parents, teachers and community. 

Eira Joy believes that this nurturing should extend into adolescence and adulthood, encouraging individuals to connect with all kinds of art in the journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. Creativity enables us to find meaning in our lives.

Eira Joy challenges the misconception that art is reserved for a select few, rather that creativity is a gift inherent in all of us. She believes that when we create, we exercise courage, and courage is an essential element in unlocking our potential and empowering our purpose.

"On Creativity: A Monologue"
Written & Narrated by Eira Joy Aringay

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Ep4 | On Creativity: A Monologue
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