Ep6 | The Other Sides Of Fear: A Monologue

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Reflecting on the oft-heard maxim, "Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear," Eira Joy delves into the complexities of this emotion and its profound impact on our lives.

From reminiscing her youthful audacity to confronting the daunting realities of adulthood, Eira Joy navigates the twists and turns of her own fears with vulnerability and insight. She highlights the universal nature of this emotion, emphasising its intimate connection to our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Through her own experiences of loss and uncertainty, she unravels the many layers of fear, revealing its hidden depths and meanings.

Grounding her reflections in biblical wisdom, Eira Joy finds solace in the enduring promise of divine presence amidst life's uncertainties. With a steadfast belief in a higher power, she concludes with a timeless reminder from scripture; a message of true hope and encouragement as we discover our courage and consider the transformative potential of our fear.

"The Other Sides Of Fear: A Monologue"
Written & Narrated by Eira Joy Aringay

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Ep6 | The Other Sides Of Fear: A Monologue
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