Ep2 | Growing Up: A Monologue

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In this episode, host Eira Joy reflects on the beginning of a deeply personal journey of self-worth and discovery. 

From a cherished childhood memory to a pivotal career crisis in 2016, Eira Joy delves into the challenges of working within the creative industry and the struggle to rebuild confidence following major setbacks.

This episode explores the idea of surface-level confidence driven by external validation and the inner courage needed to navigate life's uncertainties. Eira Joy shares her philosophy on how identity is not solely defined by one's job, emphasising that our purpose in life transcends the work we do.

Join Eira Joy on this introspective voyage of growth and resilience, as she endeavours to embrace her authentic self in pursuit of genuine, internally-rooted confidence.


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"Growing Up: A Monologue"
Written & Narrated by Eira Joy Aringay

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Ep2 | Growing Up: A Monologue
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