Ep10 | Good Old Days: A Monologue

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In this episode, Eira Joy reflects on her creative process, beginning with her early teenage years when she first discovered the power of songwriting. At just 15, she picked up the guitar and quickly found comfort in expressing herself through writing lyrical poetry and composing melodies.

Despite the typical challenges of adolescence, Eira Joy fondly recalls these years as the ‘good old days,’ cherishing the freedom and confidence she once had to harness her creativity. Music and songwriting were not just hobbies, but became somewhat of a therapy, allowing her to confront and navigate her emotions with clarity and hope.

Eira Joy shares a part of her process writing her new song, ‘Glow.’ Through introspective lyrics, she explores the concept of glowing as a symbol of inner strength and creativity, drawing parallels between the glow of youth and the enduring light within each of us.

May this brief monologue compel you to share your own voice and shine your light, through whatever creative outlet speaks to you. And may we all, by embarking on a journey of reflection, exploration, and rediscovery, illuminate the path toward a brighter, more courageous future.


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"Good Old Days: A Monologue"
Written & Narrated by Eira Joy Aringay

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Ep10 | Good Old Days: A Monologue
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