Ep9 | Loving The Work with Stephanie Lillis

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In this episode, Eira Joy engages in compelling conversation with versatile actor Stephanie Lillis, delving deep into the theme of courage that has shaped her wonderful career in the performing arts.

Stephanie shares her journey from a young age, when she discovered her passion for acting, to becoming a successful actor and drama teacher. Through her work in the theatre and across the screen, we explore the challenges and rewards of performance, illustrating the profound joy of embodying diverse characters, from relatable figures to those that call for intense emotional exploration.

Embedded within Stephanie's stories are invaluable pearls of wisdom, carefully cultivated through years of experience, which she generously imparts to other aspiring performers. She emphasises the importance of staying true to oneself, committing to the work and setting achievable goals. 

Overflowing with positivity, this episode is a great encouragement for anyone daring to build a career amidst various pressures, expectations and competition. Stephanie's infectious enthusiasm, unwavering resolve and genuine humility stand as a testament to the indomitable spirit demanded by the unpredictable landscape of the entertainment industry.

May this open and insightful dialogue serves as a poignant reminder - not just for actors but anyone with a dream - of the transformative power of creativity, resilience and courage in the pursuit of one's passion.

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Guest Bio:
Inspired by her father’s love of acting and storytelling, Stephanie began drama classes at the age of 7 and has never looked back. Over the past 30 years Stephanie has trained with some of the best acting teachers in the country and the world. She has performed in over 40 plays including touring productions of Victoria. Stephanie loves all aspects of acting and has experience in television, feature films, short films, webseries, commercials, voiceover and corporate work. Stephanie is passionate about teaching acting to young people and inspiring the future generations to live a creative life.


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Ep9 | Loving The Work with Stephanie Lillis
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