Ep3 | Feeling The Fear with Sophie Brabenec

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In this episode, we sit down with talented actor, artist and entrepreneur Sophie Brabenec, to explore the transformative power of creativity in building courage and overcoming fear.

Sophie shares her incredible experiences pursuing an acting career, providing great insight into how she developed her artistry, practical skills and an entrepreneurial spirit along the way.

A passionate actor and performer, Sophie shares captivating stories from her past, whilst also speaking candidly about her personal journey of self-discovery: confronting fear, self-doubt, comparison and navigating failure and uncertainty in a non-traditional career path.

From a brazen 18-year-old who travelled to Malta and worked her way onto the set of Ridley Scott's 2000 film Gladiator, to running an indoor plant business in the throes of a pandemic, Sophie is an inspiring example of how to be brave and take creative risks.

Sophie leaves us with a heartfelt message to stay curious, adventurous, and follow your intuition in order to develop confidence and discover your creative voice. lives. May this episode be an encouraging reminder that we all have the power to make things and the choice to do the things that light us up!

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Guest Bio:

Sophie Brabenec is a Melbourne-based creative and recently, first time mum! Sophie has spent a large part of her adult life overseas pursuing an acting career from London to LA. When the 2020 pandemic hit, she packed up her LA life in 10 days and relocated home to Australia, where the nature of life, lockdowns and starting anew led her to an opportunity to expand on a side hustle, opening a retail store selling indoor plants. Sophie also dabbles in a bit of writing, singing, and is a huge fan of sketch comedy and improv.  


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Ep3 | Feeling The Fear with Sophie Brabenec
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