Ep12 | Speaking Of Faith with Jon Hoevenaars

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In this thought-provoking episode, we engage in fruitful conversation with media presenter and producer Jon Hoevenaars.

Not only do we explore Jon's unique career in broadcast television and podcasting but we also delve into the pivotal role his Christian faith has played in the shaping of his journey and outlook on life.

Considering the pressures of a public-facing career, Jon candidly shares personal experiences and the impacts of self-doubt, whilst highlighting how the support of colleagues, family, and friends helped him navigate the challenges, develop resilience and rebuild his confidence. 

Jon’s insights on the interplay between courage and encouragement are illuminating, illustrating how the power of support can embolden us and propel us into action towards our realising our professional goals and personal ambitions. 

Yet amidst discussions of the conventional notions of success and the influences of Western culture, Jon challenges us to reevaluate our priorities and embrace a values-driven approach to living. Through his introspective reflections, he invites us to contemplate the deeper meaning behind our pursuits and to chart a course towards a life of true fulfilment and purpose.

Drawing from a deep well of spiritual wisdom, Jon guides us through the transformative journey of surrendering to a force greater than oneself, urging us to consider the profound advantages of believing in an ultimate creator, the God of the Bible. Jon credits his faith for providing a strong sense of identity and self-worth, which has been instrumental in helping him overcome doubt and fear.

Throughout the episode, Jon emphasises the importance of encouragement in fostering courage. He teaches us how courage is not self-evident and requires a strong sense of identity, unwavering hope and community support to thrive. In this, along with other intriguing concepts, Jon leaves us with a wealth of insights to ponder, igniting a spark of inspiration and introspection that resonates long after our conversation ends. 

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Guest Bio:

Jon Hoevenaars is a Melbourne-based sports producer-presenter, who is trying to escape the notion that his value is in what he can achieve. In his full-time role at Tennis Australia, he hosts The AO Show podcast, and produces video content for broadcast, digital and internal channels. Previously, Jon has worked as a radio sports reporter for SEN and a writer and narrator for AFL Media, after graduating from RMIT University in 2008. Since 2012, he has also served as a match day stadium announcer at the MCG, and is occasionally seen compering weddings or entertaining guests with his band, The Groovesmen. While Jon considers work a necessary and noble part of life, he is most interested in people — how they perceive themselves and others — and how words and images can be used or abused to illuminate or obfuscate truth. Jon's Christian worldview is grounded in the notion that humanity was brought into being through the intentional design of a supreme creator, whose handiwork we all see, and whose image we all bear, but whose identity we mostly ignore.


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Ep12 | Speaking Of Faith with Jon Hoevenaars
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