Ep11 | Reframing Success with Michael Dimarco

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Join Eira Joy in this captivating conversation with talented filmmaker, writer and editor, Michael Dimarco, as he unveils the layers of persistence and passion that have shaped his creative journey. 

Sharing his childhood experiences and the hurdles he overcame, Michael offers a candid exploration of how adversity can fuel creativity. From nurturing his love for writing to forging a career in filmmaking, Michael recalls the pivotal moments that defined his path. Having navigated numerous industry temptations and setbacks, he emphasises the importance of knowing your worth, redefining success and persevering amidst failure. 

We also discuss the significance of making incremental adjustments in both creative endeavours and daily life, illuminating the transformative power of small changes.

With authenticity and wisdom, Michael's story is testament to the courage required to pursue a career in the media and entertainment industry. May this insightful dialogue serve as a beacon of encouragement for aspiring creatives and seasoned professionals alike, reaffirming how resilience and determination opens doors to artistic fulfilment and achievement.

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Guest Bio:
Michael James Dimarco has been within the film industry for several years now. In that time he has built up an extensive database. Starting young with his first independent film, released at the age of 18. Michael went on to write for Australian TV Show "Neighbours". After his time with the show, Michael now focus on his own stories, while supporting and believing in independent work. Michael supports others and loves working with emerging and existing talent.


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Ep11 | Reframing Success with Michael Dimarco
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