Ep1 | The Search Begins with Ezra May Aringay

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In this first interview episode, we learn about one of the creatives behind this podcast – our resident editor and producer, Ezra May Aringay.

A musician and YouTube creator, Ezra May opens up about navigating her numerous passions to find stability in the workforce, shedding light on the challenges many young people face in defining and building their careers.

Ezra May provides wonderful insight into what personally motivates her to create, as well as the idea of pursuing one's interests for the sake of love and fulfilment, rather than seeking external validation or success. She draws focus to the courage we may overlook in ourselves, and how courage can be a shared experience when we reach out for help and connect with others.

As a delightful conclusion to our conversation, Ezra May naturally shares a movie recommendation that encourages us to never give up in our search for what we want and what we love, harnessing the inner courage that exists inside of us all.

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Guest Bio:

Ezra May Aringay is a content producer, entertainment reviewer and curator, musician and YouTube creator.

Since graduating from a Media degree, Ezra May has been dabbling in all sorts of creative projects, expanding her skillset across music, video, photography, social media and design.

Driven by a deep love for film, television, music and theatre, Ezra May is always creating and curating – because she believes that through art, not only are we inspired, we are healed.



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Ep1 | The Search Begins with Ezra May Aringay
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